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So Many Information But No Action…

I have been doing this online thingy for more than a year now. My initial strategy was to find a way to make money online, research about it, study it and then eventually master it for my own profit. But recently, I realized that I have been doing too much of the second step and not going anywhere near the next. It might be because of fright that I have been keeping it at bay. I didn’t want to launch into something, invest time and money in it and then be defeated in the end. I didn’t want to spend even a single penny without earning even just a fraction from what I am doing. This was how I would like it to do it before. But things have changed recently.

At this point, I have mustered enough courage to actually plunge myself into the unknown. After I have read the article of one of my favourite online “mentors” here, I knew that it is high time for me to make some output. I needed to take action otherwise, I will forever be crippled by my fear and may never get the chance to realize my dreams. I had to make the decision to start taking action and to achieve financial freedom.

What am I getting busy at now? Finding the most suitable webhosting service out there. I have also started a few blogs that I am constantly updating. These are more of personal accounts but I’m using it to increase my exposure online.

Once I have put up a site, I will start filling it with reviews on various things. My site will be known as the best online review source. Well at least for the Philippines, for now. But someday, it will become known all over the world eventually. That will be my objective.

As for now, I will strive to create good review contents on my site about anything and everything under the sun and then I will eventually ask for compensation in return for a review I will create for a product. This is my plan on how to make money online.

For my next entry, I will let you in on some of the things that I have learned as I was studying the online marketing business.

God guide me, be with me along the way…

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